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Tray 2 Pickup Roller Assembly for Model # C4115A 8-9

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 Part # Description
C4110-40004 LaserJet 5100 control panel overlay (English)
C4110-67917 Power supply assembly with ribbon cable - 100-120VAC input
C4110-67918 Power supply assembly with ribbon cable - 220/240VAC input
C4110-69001 DC controller board with ribbon cable
C4110-69016 Laser/scanner assembly
C4110-69018 Fusing assembly - 110 volts
C4110-69019 Fusing assembly - For 220 VAC operation - Bonds toner to the paper with heat
C4113-69001 Duplexer assembly
C4113A Duplexer assembly - For two sided printing
C4116A HP LaserJet 5000/N/GN 250 Sheet Universal paper input tray - Holds 250 sheets of letter, legal, Executive, ledger/tabloid, A3, A4, A5, B, B4, or B5 size paper
C4119-67902 Coupler kit - Contains pickup roller coupler, four paper tray load limit clips and installation instruction sheet
C4129X Black toner cartridge - With 'Ultra-Precise' toner - Has maximum capacity toner (Prints approximately 10, 000 pages)
RB1-2190-000CN Pickup roller spring hook
RB1-6130-000CN Tray 1 pickup roller gear
RB1-6134-040CN Tray 1 sensor arm
RB1-6136-000CN Tray 1 sensor arm spring - Holds tension on sensor arm
RB1-6141-000CN Grounding plate
RB1-6149-000CN Left pickup roller bushing
RB1-6177-000CN Tray 1 and 2 pickup shaft bushing - Right side
RB1-6179-000CN Tray 1 and 2 pickup shaft bushing - Right side
RB1-6192-000CN Paper feed shaft
RB1-6195-000CN Paper feed pulley - Idler pulley for small belts
RB1-6251-000CN Lower delivery roller - Presses against the lower delivery roller shaft assembly
RB1-8865-000CN Paper pickup roller (D-shaped) - Sold individually
RB2-1731-000CN Switch rod - Mechanical link between on/off switch lever and electrical on/off switch at power inlet assembly
RB2-1732-000CN Door switch - Indicates when toner door is ajar
RB2-1734-000CN Grounding plate
RB2-1735-000CN Grounding plate
RB2-1736-000CN Grounding plate
RB2-1739-000CN Door switch spring - Provides tension for toner door switch
RB2-1740-020CN Fan grounding plate and fan housing
RB2-1744-000CN On/off switch
RB2-1745-000CN Front cover pin - Hinge pins for drop down front cover
RB2-1747-030CN Face down auxiliary cover
RB2-1748-000CN Top cover - Rear portion of the top cover
RB2-1749-040CN Right side cover assembly
RB2-1755-020CN Right corner cover - Located below the front drop down tray
RB2-1756-020CN Left corner cover - Located below the front drop door tray
RB2-1758-000CN Display cover - Control panel display cover
RB2-1759-000CN Control panel leaf spring
RB2-1772-000CN Leaf spring for tray 1
RB2-1774-000CN Toner cartridge guide - Left side
RB2-1775-000CN Toner cartridge guide - Right side
RB2-1780-000CN Paper guide - Guides paper from pickup roller to feed roller
RB2-1781-000CN Multi purpose tray paper sensor lever
RB2-1782-000CN Lower tray paper sensor lever
RB2-1783-000CN Paper sensor lever spring
RB2-1784-000CN Paper sensor lever spring - Holds tension on sensor arm
RB2-1790-000CN Sensor mount
RB2-1791-000CN Sensor lever - Tray 2 paper out sensor
RB2-1796-000CN Left side tray 1 pickup roller shaft cam
RB2-1797-000CN Right side tray 1 pickup roller shaft cam
RB2-1800-000CN Pickup roller shaft - Tray 2
RB2-1802-000CN Roller cam - Left side pickup roller cam
RB2-1803-000CN Right pickup roller collar - Houses shaft bushing
RB2-1804-000CN Right pickup roller bushing
RB2-1805-000CN Roller cam - Right side pickup roller cam
RB2-1807-000CN Sensor flag lever - Paper feed sensor arm
RB2-1808-000CN Lever spring - Provides tension for paper sensor flag
RB2-1815-000CN Left pickup roller collar - Houses shaft bushing
RB2-1820-040CN Pickup roller - Tray 1 pickup roller
RB2-1821-030CN Paper pickup roller assembly (D-shaped) - Rubber roller on a plastic frame - Locks on to the paper pickup shaft in the 250-sheet paper feeder assebmly base unit
RB2-1825-000CN Leaf spring - Tray size sensor fingers
RB2-1856-040CN Toner cartridge engagemnet arm
RB2-1886-000CN Paper feed shaft - Drives all three belts
RB2-1887-000CN Large feed belt - Wide belt in middle of assembly
RB2-1888-000CN Small paper feed belt - One on each side of wide belt
RB2-1903-000CN Right side transfer roller bushing
RB2-1904-000CN Left side transfer roller bushing
RB2-1905-000CN Transfer roller bushing cover - Right side
RB2-1906-000CN Cleaning brush
RB2-1970-030CN Rear paper guide - Deflects paper to output tray
RB2-1976-020CN Left side rear face up tray latch
RB2-1977-000CN Tray support strap - Supports rear drop down output tray
RB2-1980-000CN Bin full lever - Face down output tray sensor lever
RB2-1985-000CN Lower output delivery roller - Shaft with four rollers
RB2-1988-020CN Right side bushing for lower delivery roller
RB2-1989-000CN Left side bushing for lower delivery roller
RB2-1990-000CN Grounding plate
RB2-1991-020CN Right latch block - Housing for right side tray latch
RB2-1992-020CN Left latch block - Housing for left side tray latch
RB2-1997-000CN Roller holder - Face down guide roller holder
RB2-1998-000CN Roller - Upper roller of face-down roller guide - 4 used
RB2-2020-000CN Tray extension - Paper length adjustment extension
RB2-2023-000CN Paper stop (Blue plastic) - Paper length adjustment stop plate
RB2-2037-000CN Tray cover - 250 sheet paper tray cover
RB2-2042-000CN Extension lock - Paper length extension lock
RB2-3232-000CN Feed roller - Shaft with round rollers that moves paper after pickup roller on 500 sheet feeder assembly
RB2-3284-000CN Leaf spring - Provides tension on tray for proper alignment
RB2-3286-000CN Leaf spring - Tray size sensor spring
RB2-3314-000CN Pickup roller coupler
RB3-0425-000CN Right mount
RB3-0426-000CN Inner cover - Tray size sensor cover
RB3-0435-000CN Front cover - Top front cover beteern the frame sides
RB3-0436-000CN Right auxiliary cover - Top of the right side frame
RB3-0437-000CN Left auxiliary cover - Top of the left side cover
RB3-0438-000CN Right cover - Right front frame cover
RB3-0439-000CN Left cover - Left front frame cover
RF5-2397-000CN Tray 2 left rail - Left side tray support
RF5-2398-030CN Tray 2 right rail - Right side tray support
RF5-2421-000CN Shutter lever - Connects to laser shutter
RF5-2634-000CN Feed roller - Moves paper after pickup roller
RF5-2635-000CN Paper arm
RF5-2636-000CN Pickup roller assembly - Picks paper out of tray
RF5-3439-000CN Tray 1 separation pad - Does not include pressure spring or separation pad holder
RF5-4117-000CN Pad assembly
RF5-4151-000CN Tray sensor assembly
RG5-3519-070CN Tray 1 pickup roller assembly - Shaft/roller assembly that feeds paper from paper input assemblies - Also order separation pad kit
RG5-3521-040CN Tray 2 paper pickup roller assembly
RG5-3522-030CN Paper feed roller assembly
RG5-3523-000CN Cable assembly
RG5-3524-110CN Registration roller assembly
RG5-3525-000CN Transfer guide assembly - Guides paper into transfer roller
RG5-3526-020CN Paper feed belt assembly
RG5-3542-090CN Upper delivery roller assembly - Paper output roller assembly - Includes right and left roller bushings, anti-static brush and delivery guide
RG5-3543-000CN Main gear assembly
RG5-3544-000CN Paper pickup drive assembly
RG5-3547-080CN Front inner cover assembly - With tray 1 sensor arm, arm spring and tray 1 leaf spring
RG5-3548-060CN Transfer guide assembly - Includes the width adjuster for the drop down tray
RG5-3549-000CN Front cover assembly - Drop down paper tray assembly
RG5-3550-040CN Left side cover assembly
RG5-3552-060CN Face up tray assembly - Drop down output tray with extension
RG5-3553-000CN Rear door sensor assembly - Arm and mount assembly
RG5-3556-040CN Toner cartridge access door assembly
RG5-3560-000CN Paper handling PCA
RG5-3561-000CN Fuser cable
RG5-3562-000CN Cable assembly - A 22-pin (F) connector to many cables: 32.4cm (12.8in) with 8-pin (F) connector, 34.9cm (13.8in) with 7-pin (F) connector, 40.3cm (15.9in) with 4-pin (F) connector, and 66.4cm (26.1in) with 3-pin (F) connector
RG5-3579-000CN Transfer roller assembly
RG5-3624-100CN Reversing assembly for Duplexer assembly
RG5-4180-000CN Left frame assembly
RG5-4211-000CN Feeder controller PCA assembly
RG5-4212-020CN Sensor PCA - Tray size sensor PCA - Has four micro switchs acuated by the tray size sensor leaf spring
RG5-4213-000CN Cable assembly with ferrite - A large 14-pin (F) connector to a small 11-pin (F) connector - 10.0cm (3.9in) long
RG5-5438-030CN Control panel - Does not include overlay
RG5-5453-090CN Fusing roller assembly - Fusing roller/heating element assembly - 110 volt
RG5-6197-000CN Paper guide - Tray 1 paper guide plate assembly
RG5-7074-000CN Grounding plate
RG5-7188-020CN 250-sheet paper cassette tray assembly - Includes the paper tray assembly with the separation pad, paper width adjusters, and rear paper stop
RG9-1337-000CN Face down guide roller
RG9-1485-000CN Tray 2 separation pad with spring
RH2-5337-000CN Ribbon cable - Has two 40-pin (M) edge connectors - 1.4cm (0.6in) long
RH3-2224-000CN Power supply assembly - 100-120VAC
RH3-2225-000CN Power supply assembly - 220-240VAC
RH7-1431-000CN Tubeaxial fan
RH7-1432-000CN Main motor
RH7-5191-000CN Paper feed clutch
RH7-5192-000CN Registration clutch - Engages registration roller
RH7-5194-000CN Tray 1 paper pickup solenoid - SL404
RH7-5195-000CN Cassete paper pickup solenoid
RS5-0695-000CN Tray 2 pickup roller shaft drive gear
RS5-1392-000CN Tray 1 and 2 left side pickup roller shaft bushing
RS5-2225-020CN Face down guide roller torsion spring
RS5-2431-000CN Transfer roller spring - Provides tension for roller bushing
RS5-2434-000CN Tray 2 shaft gear spring - Holds tension on shaft hook
RS5-2632-000CN Tension spring - Provides tension for pickup roller
RS5-2952-000CN Latch plate spring - Holds tension on rear tray latches
RS6-0351-000CN Paper feed gear
RS6-0352-000CN Paper feed gear
RS6-0357-000CN Delivery roller shaft gear
WG8-5624-000CN Photo-sensor (TLP1241) - Sensor flag activated
WS6-5092-000CN Power connector - Supplies power to optional paper trays

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