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Feed Roller Assembly for Model # 33449AB 8-34

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 Part # Description
0515-0055 Pan head machine screw - M3.0 x 0.5, 6mm long - Carbon steel, copper/nickel/chrome plated
33440-69003 Fusing assembly (120V, 60Hz) - Bonds toner to paper by heat - Does NOT include fusing roller cleaning pad
33440-69009 Fusing assembly (240V, 50Hz) - Bonds toner to paper by heat - Does NOT include fusing roller cleaning pad
33449-69004 DC controller board
33449-69005 DC power supply assembly - 120VAC, 60Hz
33459-69001 AC power module assembly 100/120VAC, 60Hz
33497-69001 Formatter (Main logic) board - Includes interface connectors
5181-2250 Fusing assembly (For 240V, 50Hz operation) - Bonds the toner to the paper with heat - In quantity price break packaging (Contains five new fusing assemblies)
5181-2251 Fusing assembly (For 240V, 50Hz operation) - Bonds the toner to the paper with heat - In quantity price break packaging (Contains ten new fusing assemblies)
8120-1351 Power cord (Mint Gray) - 17 AWG, 2.3m (7.5ft) long - Has straight (F) receptacle (for 240V in the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei)
8120-1369 Power cord (Mint Gray) - 17 AWG, 2.0m (6.6ft) long - Has straight (F) receptacle (for 240V in Australia, New Zealand, and China)
8120-1378 Power cord (Jade Gray) - 18 AWG, 2.3m (7.5ft) long - Has straight (F) C13 receptacle (for 120V in USA, Canada, Latin America, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, Brazil, and Vietnam)
8120-1689 Power cord (Mint Gray) - 17 AWG, 2.0m (6.6ft) long - Has straight (F) receptacle (For 220V in Europe, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam)
8120-2104 Power cord (Mint Gray) - 2.0m (6.6ft) long - Has straight (F) receptacle (for 220V in Switzerland)
8120-2956 Power cord (Mint Gray) - 2.0m (6.6ft) long - Has straight (F) receptacle (for 220V in Denmark)
8120-4211 Power cord (Mint Gray) - 17 AWG, 2.0m (6.6ft) long - Has straight (F) receptacle (for 240V in South Africa and India)
92295A Black toner (EP) cartridge
92295Q Ozone filter - Square black filter in front of fan (Two per package)
92297B HP LaserJet Series III Letter Paper input tray
92297C HP LaserJet Series III Legal Paper input tray
92297D HP LaserJet Series III A4 Paper input tray - Holds 200 sheets of 8.3inch x 11.7inch A4 size paper
92297R Replacement top cover
92297S Replacement top cover
FB1-0242-000CN Lower pressure roller - Hard rubber roller - Located in fusing assembly
FS5-0020-000CN Gear - 32 tooth - On right side of fusing assembly
RA1-3828-000CN Paper sensing arm - For 'paper out' & 'manual feed' sensors
RA1-3831-000CN Left release hook - Latches top cover closed
RA1-3832-030CN Right release hook (with bracket) - Latches top cover closed
RA1-3864-000CN Upper transfer guide (Silver strip)
RA1-3913-000CN Cassette stop - Right side
RA1-3917-000CN Cassette stop - Left side
RA1-3942-000CN Sensing arm
RA1-3959-000CN Left side cover - For fusing assembly
RA1-3960-000CN Right side cover - For fusing assembly
RA1-3968-000UK Fusing roller - Hollow roller - Heat lamp goes in its core
RA1-3971-000CN Separation Pawl - 'triangular' finger in fusing assembly
RA1-3974-000CN Lift-up cover - Located at rear of fuser assembly over seperation pawls
RA1-3976-000CN Delivery (Exit) roller assembly - In fusing assembly
RA1-4021-000CN Deflection Pawl Assembly - Diverts paper output to rear or top
RA1-4038-000CN Fusing assembly cover (Black, plastic) - Covers fusing assembly when lid is closed
RA1-4046-000CN Top cover interlock lever - Engages switch in DC power supply
RA1-4113-000CN Rubber foot - Replacement rubber foot for the bottom of the printer (four used)
RA1-4162-000CN 'Tray Size' sensing lever - For switch on DC controller
RA1-4167-000CN Left insulator mount (Clear)
RA1-4168-000CN Right insulator mount (Clear)
RA1-4290-000CN Upper auxiliary output tray
RA1-8273-000CN Bottom outer cover - Plastic
RA1-8275-000CN Rear delivery panel - Mounting recepticle for the output tray
RA1-8278-030CN Release button - Unlocks top cover
RA1-8284-000CN Memory cover panel
RA1-8285-000CN Test panel - Attaches to the bottom cover - Allows access to voltage test points
RA1-8287-000CN Lower delivery cover (U-shaped)
RA1-8290-000CN Font guide - Outer plastic bezel
RA1-8299-000CN Memory board access cover (metal)
RF1-0842-000CN Thermoprotect unit for fusing assembly
RF1-0921-000CN Gear and arm assembly - Engages dual gear - In fusing assembly
RF1-0923-020CN Access (Cover) door - For fusing assembly - Bright green
RF1-1145-020CN Separation pad - Rectangular pad mounted on registration assembly
RF1-1177-000CN Cleaning brush - For cleaning the transfer corona wire
RF1-2130-000CN Ozone filter - Square black filter in front of upper fan
RF1-2133-080CN Ozone filter mount - Filter holder inside of printer
RF1-2572-000CN Front panel - Has cutouts for control panel and paper tray
RF1-2574-000CN Top front panel - Has cutout for release button
RF1-2575-000CN Right side panel - Also includes part of top and rear panels
RF1-2576-000CN Left side panel
RF1-2577-000CN Bottom cover - Inner metal bottom 'Pan' of printer
RF1-2579-000CN Top (Panel) cover - Has recess for 'Face down' paper output
RF1-2580-000CN Lower output tray - Attaches to rear delivery panel
RG0-0050-030CN Laser/scanner assembly
RG1-0718-000CN Paper control board - Includes solenoids for the paper pickup roller and the registration assembly - Also includes paper out sensor PS 301 and manual feed sensor PS 302
RG1-0719-000CN Exit sensor board - With cable & thermistor
RG1-0929-000CN Mirror shutter assembly - Mounts on the top cover above the toner cartridge
RG1-0931-060CN Pickup (feed) roller assembly - Feeds paper from input tray
RG1-0932-120CN Registration assembly - Next set of rollers after paper feed
RG1-0933-060CN Transfer Corona assembly - Square tube with wire wrapped around it
RG1-0934-000CN Feed drive assembly - Six gears mounted on a plate
RG1-0935-000CN Upper pressure assembly - 'T' bar
RG1-0936-110CN High voltage power supply assembly
RG1-0938-000CN Feed guide assembly - Curved plastic piece with ribs
RG1-0943-000CN Gear cluster (Drive) assembly
RG1-0945-000CN Delivery assembly - Final drive rollers for top cover output
RG1-0946-000CN Erase lamp assembly
RG1-0966-030CN Fusing roller cleaning pad - Felt 'Wand' in fusing assembly
RG1-0967-000CN Delivery coupler assembly - Two gear set
RG1-1395-020CN DC power supply assembly - 240VAC, 50Hz
RG1-1974-000CN Control panel assembly
RG9-0750-000CN AC power supply module assembly - 220/240VAC, 50Hz
RH2-5108-000CN Laser/scanner fiber optic cable - 42.5cm (16.8in) long
RH7-1048-000CN Main motor assembly
RH7-1056-000CN Lower cooling fan - In bottom case of printer
RH7-1122-000CN Squirrel cage type fan assembly - 24VDC
RH7-4024-000CN Fusing heat lamp (120v, 60Hz)
RH7-4025-000CN Fusing heat lamp (240v, 50Hz)
RS1-0105-000CN Drive gear - 19 diagonal teeth - Engages toner cartridge
RS1-0106-000CN Reduction gear - 57 tooth - From main motor to 19 tooth gear
RS1-0114-000CN Dual gear - 27/18 tooth - In lower right of fusing assembly
RS1-0116-000CN Wide gear - 20 tooth
RS1-0132-000CN Gear - 14 tooth - Drives 20 tooth wide gear
RS1-2106-000CN Spring - Applies tension to separation pawl - Located in fusing assembly
SA4-6201-050CN I/O connector bracket (metal) - Attaches to the formatter board
SA4-6202-000CN Cover plate - For empty optional I/O slot - On I/O bracket
WD1-0222-000CN Fuse - 3.15A, 250V max
WD1-0224-000CN Fuse - 6.3A, 125V max

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