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Eserver Xseries 306 (type 8489)

 Part #Description
26K4157 IBM Top cover (all models)
PCI-X riser card
26K3052 IBM PCI-X riser card (all models)
Power supply, 300 Watt
26K4106 IBM Power supply, 300 Watt (all models)
06P4061 IBM Memory 512 MB PC2700 ECC (all models)
06P4057 IBM Memory 512 MB PC3200 ECC (models 31x, 35x, 41x, 45x, 99x)
06P4056 IBM Memory 256 MB PC 3200 ECC (option, all models)
06P4058 IBM Memory 1 GB PC 3200 ECC (option, all models)
06P4062 IBM Memory 1 GB PC 2700 ECC (option, all models)
System board
44E7251 IBM System board (all models)
Diskette drive
39M0105 IBM Diskette drive 12.7 black (primary, all models)
36L8645 IBM Diskette drive 12.7 black (alternate, all models)
LED board
26K4107 IBM LED board (all models)
Front bezel
26K4115 IBM Front bezel (all models)
Hard drive
24P3704 IBM Hard drive 36.4 GB 10 000 rpm SCSI (8836 models 11x, 21x, 31x, 41x)
24P3725 IBM Hard drive 36.4 GB 15 000 rpm SCSI (option, all models)
24P3706 IBM Hard drive 73.4 GB SCSI (model 99x) (option all models)
24P3727 IBM Hard drive 73.4 GB SCSI (option, all models)
73P8000 IBM Hard drive 80 GB SCSI (option, all models)
73P8001 IBM Hard drive 160 GB SCSI (option, all models)
24P3708 IBM Hard drive 146.8 GB SCSI (option, all models)
71P7297 IBM Hard drive 160 GB SATA (option, all models)
73P8020 IBM Hard drive 80 GB 7 200 rpm SATA (models PBS, PBT)
25R6909 IBM Hard drive 160 GB 10 000 rpm SATA (model PBT)
25R6921 IBM Hard drive 250 GB 10 000 rpm SATA (model PBT)
39M3505 IBM CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM 24X, primary (all models)
33P3231 IBM CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM 24X (alternate, all models)
26K5423 IBM CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM 24X (alternate, all models)
71P7359 IBM CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM CD-RW/DVD drive (option, all models)
26K5439 IBM CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM CD-RW drive, slim (option, all models)
39M3531 IBM CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM DVD drive (option, all models)
39M3525 IBM CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM DVD drive, 12.7 mm (option, all models)
26K4281 IBM Fan 40 mm (all models)
39Y8997 IBM Chassis (all models)
Heat sink
26K4116 IBM Heat sink (all models)
Air baffle
26K4113 IBM Air baffle (all models)
3.0 volt lithium battery
33F8354 IBM 3.0 volt lithium battery (all models)
SATA bracket
26K4130 IBM SATA bracket SATA (models 15x, 25x, 35x, 45x)
26K4110 IBM Cables Diskette drive (all models)
26K4150 IBM Cables CD-ROM adapter (all models)
26K4111 IBM Cables IDE (all models)
26K4118 IBM Cables SCSI signal (models 11x, 21x, 31x, 41x, 99x)
26K4109 IBM Cables USB and LED (all models)
Panel mount cable assembly, SA
13N2413 IBM Panel mount cable assembly, SATA (models 15x, 25x, 35x, 45x)
Fan bracket
26K4148 IBM Fan bracket (all models)
Heat sink retention module
24P4811 IBM Heat sink retention module (all models)
1U toolless kit
24P1121 IBM 1U toolless kit (all models)
26K4263 IBM Processors 2.8 GHz/533 MHz Prestonia (models C2X, C4X, C5X, C6X, C9X)
02R8743 IBM Processors 2.8 GHz/800 MHz (1MB L2 cache) (8836 models 11x, 15x, 1SU)
02R8742 IBM Processors 3.0 GHz (8836 models 21x, 25x)
02R8741 IBM Processors 3.2 GHz (1878 model 99x; 8836 models 31x, 35x)
26K8430 IBM Processors 3.2 GHz (models 41x, 45x)
026K8432 IBM Processors 3.4 GHz (all models)
26K8432 IBM Processors 3.64 GHz (model C7X, PCF)
Miscellaneous parts kit
26K4131 IBM Miscellaneous parts kit (all models) contains:
Power cord
6952300 IBM Power cord (all models)
4-port SATA RAID card
71P8650 IBM 4-port SATA RAID card (option, all models)
Riser card
26K4149 IBM Riser card (all models)
SCSI adapter
26K3051 IBM SCSI adapter (models 11x, 21x, 31x, 41x, 99x)
System service label
26K4158 IBM System service label (all models)
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