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 Part #Description
9338C Dell 1400W Uninterruptible Power Supply
47FEM Dell PS2 Mouse ( External Mouse )
735HE Dell PS2 Mouse ( External Mouse )
84191 Dell PS2 Mouse ( External Mouse )
955FM Dell PS2 Mouse ( External Mouse )
System Components
6138E Dell 20P Cable
1737R Dell 2nd Processr Slot Terminatr Crd
9213P Dell Network Card 10/100
5120C Dell Backplane Board
75UFC Dell BLANK CARRIER for Hard Drive
063PE Dell BLANK CARRIER for Hard Drive
4442C Dell Control Panel Board
1068R Dell Daughter card for Hard Drive
743NE Dell DRAC II Board
55HHP Dell Fibre Channel Card
17615 Dell Heatsink
5693R Dell Hot Plug Pci (pc Interface)
164XF Dell PowerEdge 6400 IDE Cable
3710T Dell Intel Network Card 10/100
1192P Dell Internal SCSI3 Cable
7085T Dell Internal SCSI3 Cable
7338E Dell Internal SCSI3 Cable
0036R Dell Internal SCSI3 Cable
83KNG Dell Internal, Twisted Pair Cable
227KN Dell Keyboard Unit ( 104 Keys, External Unit )
77EUG Dell Keyboard Unit ( 104 Keys, External Unit )
61PMC Dell Dual Port Network Card
8G779 Dell Network Card
8250R Dell Pentium XEON 550MZH CPU ( Processor Module )
238HF Dell PowerEdge 6400 Pentium PIII 700MHZ Processor Unit (CPU)
9D201 Dell Pentium PIII 900MHZ Processor Unit (CPU) Xeon 900/2MB Processor
35NVM Dell PERC2 RAID Controller Card
66JVW Dell PERC2 RAID Controller Card (128MB)
44TXF Dell PERC2 RAID Controller Card (128MB )
43JWT Dell PERC2 RAID Controller Card ( 64MB )
9M912 Dell PERC3 RAID Controller Card
10WMN Dell PowerEdge 6400 PERC3 RAID Controller Card ( 128MB )
81WJE Dell PowerEdge 6400 PIII 700MHZ Processor (CPU)
258GN Dell PIII XEON 700MHZ Processor (CPU)
3408T Dell Power Conversion Board
3277P Dell Redundant Power Cable Kit
4574E Dell Remote Assistant Board (AC Adapter)
68RDU Dell S3 Internal Cable
5394C Dell SCSI 2944 Controller Card
53XWT Dell System Board ( Motherboard )
1C538 Dell System Board ( Motherboard )
4309D Dell System Board ( Motherboard )
98GNJ Dell 128MB Memory Module ( 100 MHZ )
8561P Dell 128MB Memory Module ( 133 MHZ )
1479D Dell 128MB Memory Module ( 50 MHZ )
311-4110 Dell 1GB ECC Memory Kit
691920-1 Dell 256MB Memory Kit
94PXC Dell 256MB Memory Module ( 133 MHZ )
311-4107 Dell 512MB ECC Memory Kit
160XM Dell 512MB Memory Module ( 133 MHZ )
Power Supply
7390P Dell 320W Power Supply
2642C Dell Power Cord 1 male 3 female
6878T Dell AC Power Cord
464VJ Dell PowerEdge 6400 Power Supply
34RUV Dell 1.44 MB Floppy Drive
6C134 Dell 1.44 MB Floppy Drive
3201D Dell 1.44 MB Floppy Drive
4M909 Dell 16X DVD Unit
92DFK Dell 18.2GB SCSI Hard Drive ( 80 Pin )
85JUH Dell 18.2GB SCSI Hard Drive ( 80 Pin )
20YTF Dell 18GB SCSI Hard Drive ( 80 Pin )
2G339 Dell 18GB SCSI Hard Drive ( 80 Pin )
5488P Dell 20/40 GB Tape Backup Unit
7588P Dell 20/40 GB Tape Backup Unit
10XTU Dell PowerEdge 6400 35/70GB Tape Backup Unit
961UR Dell 36GB Hard Drive (SCSI, U3/160, 10K, 80P)
2G340 Dell PowerEdge 6400 36GB SCSI Hard Drive ( 80 Pin )
62DYW Dell 36GB SCSI Hard Drive ( 80 Pin )
5060V Dell 40X CD-ROM Unit
45ECX Dell 48X CD-ROM Unit
073XW Dell 70GB Tape Backup Unit
9C123 Dell 70GB Tape Backup Unit
06XTM Dell 73GB SCSI Hard Drive ( 80 Pin )
108HT Dell 9.1GB SCSI Hard Drive ( 80 Pin )
3931Y Dell 9GB Hard Drive (SCSI, 1IN, 80P, 10K)
51TJV Dell BLANK CARRIER for Hard Drive
71JMG Dell Blank Carrier ( HD BLANK )
169CN Dell Blank Slot Lock Cover
1748C Dell Blank Tray ( HD BLANK )
0E047 Dell PowerEdge 6400 CD-ROM Unit
5649C Dell Hard Drive Bracket 1" HDD Carrier ( Caddy )
4649C Dell Hard Drive Bracket 1" HDD Carrier ( Caddy )
9D988 Dell Hard Drive Bracket 1" SCSI 80 Pin HDD Carrier ( Caddy )
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