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For 26 years, we at Ambry have worked to serve our clients with dedication and agility. In turn, we ourselves have been served by a network of fine suppliers, one of whom consistently stands above the rest for their unflagging commitment to quality and service, their foresight and long-range thinking, and their willingness to 'go the extra mile' : Express Technology.

Now, Express Technology has agreed to absorb our business operations in their entirety and will directly serve our clients beginning on April 1, 2017. Express Technology's next-generation client relationship management infrastructure will make it even simpler to source the IT equipment you require, and their industry-leading fulfillment system will ensure on-time delivery for your shipments -- as well as offering custom order staging, part labeling / documentation, and other key considerations.

Our clients have trusted us to make their vital IT continuity interests our highest priority, and since 1995 we have relied time and time again on Express Technology to be the fulfillment engine that safeguards those interests.

We carefully and in detail evaluated the effectiveness of Express Technology’s relationship + order management approach, the breadth and depth of their inventory, their quality assurance record, the timeliness of their invoicing / postorder follow-up, and the dependability of their personnel before deciding to forge ahead with this deal. Their people and systems are the best our industry has to offer and, we have no doubt, will quickly earn your trust during this seamless transition.

It has been our privilege to serve you for the past quarter-century.

Express Technology looks proudly forward to serving you today and in the years to come. Read More...
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Ambry Computer Parts - Genuine computer parts are integral to your user experience. We at Ambry understand the value of customer satisfaction as well as Computer products. We provide 100% genuine computer parts of various top class makes including Toshiba, Dell, IBM etc. and are well equipped to handle a diversity of needs. Be it server upgrades or replacement of old or broken parts, we cater to it all.

Not only do we provide authentic parts but also provide information and suggestions to our customers who are in need of guidance regarding what product or purchase would be most viable for them. In addition we are used to working with customer budgetary constraints. You can ask for online requests and recommendations directly from our site as well. Ambry.com is a world renowned computer and electronics company serving the technology market for over 20 years, and is accustomed to the needs of the industry. The customers who opt for our products are never disappointed. The parts are manufactured to exacting standards in order to increase durability and effectiveness. Our superior service will earn your respect and your repeat business.
Customer Based Solutions - We provide special pricing for GSA, federal government agencies, state government agencies, educational institutions, medical facilities, Armed Forces, service centers and resellers on Compaq ™, Hewlett Packard ™, IBM ™ and Sun ™. Everyone has access to their customized account offering specialized pricing, online express ordering, real-time tracking and site management tools. We are committed to providing you with the very best professional services. Anyone can sell you a replacement part. We offer a proven and reliable source for your computer repair needs. Give us a call to discuss your special discount.