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Customer Based Solutions - We provide special pricing for GSA, federal government agencies, state government agencies, educational institutions, medical facilities, Armed Forces, service centers and resellers on Compaq ™, Hewlett Packard ™, IBM ™ and Sun ™. Everyone has access to their customized account offering specialized pricing, online express ordering, real-time tracking and site management tools. We are committed to providing you with the very best professional services. Anyone can sell you a replacement part. We offer a proven and reliable source for your computer repair needs. Give us a call to discuss your special discount.

Featured Products - Here are just a few of the items that we have on sale:
  • 241321-001
    241321-001 - Compaq Backplane Board with Drive Cage
    Sale Price   $40.00
  • 297040-001
    297040-001 - Compaq System I/O Board with Tray
    Sale Price   $41.73
  • 312258-001
    312258-001 - Compaq System I/O Board (PCI, EISA)
    Sale Price   $24.00
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